"EuroSmart is a very simple system to use.  The Insulation and Controls work hand in hand and I am very happy with the results."

Mike Shine, Co. Limerick

The EuroSmart controls are working perfectly.  The level of service is from Daigon was 100%.  They are good to work with, very approachable and are very efficient in returning calls and tending to any issues I might have.  Trevor McNern - Killybegs, Co. Donegal



"Initially the underfloor system wasn’t working properly so the architect called Gerry in and within about 3 minutes of Gerry arriving he knew exactly what was wrong and it was clear that he was an expert in this field.  In relation to the staff, I have nothing but praise for them.  I have dealt with maybe 4 of the staff, mainly with Bobby.  They are efficient and friendly.  Bobby in particular is pleasant, efficient, and helpful and knows exactly what he is talking about.  He is dedicated to the job, staying with us until 1 am to get the system up and running.
Since replacing my existing thermostats with EuroSmart, it is now working extremely well and I am both comfortable with the system, comfortable in my house and I feel comfortable knowing that if anything goes wrong, Eurotech's back up support will set it right."

Tim Sheehey, Co. Dublin


"I have nothing but praise for the system, it is trouble free as far as I’m concerned, simple to use and there are no faults.  No hassle, no fuss."

Co. Louth


"I love the system and it is very easy to use, I had my reservations regarding cost at first but after installing a smart meter I realised it was my electric cooker that pushed up my esb bill.  I would never go back to a conventional system with radiators.  In the midst of December I wear a t-shirt and linen trousers in the house."

Joanne Conlon, Meath


"We did some revamping of the house before Christmas and replaced our original zoned heating controls with EuroSmart. It was an expensive but economical move because before we only had 4 zones, one on each floor so if I needed heat in the kitchen I would have to heat the dining room which I don’t use as much. With EuroSmart i can vary the room temperature and only have heat on in the dining room which i use 5 or 6 times per year. The heating is off for the summer and on low in winter. One great advantage is that I am nowa room with 3 windows a d it gets sun all day so less energy is needed to heat the room."

Fiona McNamamara, Co. Clare


"I would advice others to get it, and if I was building another house I would definitely use it again.  It’s a brilliant system and I am happy with the cost involved."

Raymond Malone, Co. Monaghan. 


"I am very happy with the system.  All though cost of installation is high, running costs are more economical.  I like how you can vary each room’s temperature.  We have installed Eurosmart on both the ground and first floor giving the house a nice uniform heat which hits you walking in the front door, unlike radiators which create cold spots.  It is simple enough to use."

Paddy McManus


"We've had Eurotech's underfloor heating for over a year now and we are delighted with the constant warmth throughout the house. It works away all year around and we rarely touch the EuroSmart controls. It couldn’t be simpler to use, just adjust the button up or down to find a temperature you're comfortable with and then leave it alone."

Co Meath


"I installed the Eurosmart controls system when building a new home in 2008. To date I have found it to be an excellent system, easy to operate, regulate room by room & saves me money in not heating rooms that are unused during winter months. The team at Eurotech provide you with a back up service that is second to none."

Barry Fitzsimons, Co. Kildare




"Initially I hadn't an idea how to use it because it appears quite complicated at first.  Once I got to know the system it is really simple to use.  I am very happy with EuroSmart and I know if I have any problems, David is only a phone call away."

Tess O'Loughlin - Ballyshannon creche, Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal. 


"Noel was always very helpful and very reliable.  If ever there was a problem, they would come when called.   I am happy enough with the system.  The EuroSmart controls are simple to use, myself or the residents have full control which is the main thing.  And if I can use them, anyone can." 

Marion Malloy – Muff Sheltered housing, Inishowen, Co. Donegal. 

"Our underfloor heating system and EuroSmart controls are working very well.  It is ideal for the building we are in because we have a function room that is used on occasion, a lounge that is sometimes in use and the bar which is always in use.  The offices are all that needs to be heated up to 4.30 and then we have the heating come on for the bar.  Zoned controls were a very appropriate choice for our project.  The guys in Daigon supplied an excellent service, we had no real problems with the system and Daigon were always on hand for maintenance." 

Martin McKenna – Laurentic bar, Buncrana, Co. Donegal