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Custom designed heating controls are essential for optimum results.  We believe that installing a conventional thermostat in any project will not provide the control necessary to deliver maximum efficiency or substantial savings.  EuroSmart operates via a downloaded set of commands precisely tailored to each project and simplified by using customer specific names for each zone.   

All you need to do is:
1. Send us your plans and let our design team specify a heating controls system ideal for you, your family and your home.

2. A quotation is generated according to your requirements and 1st fix diagrams are sent to you or your electrician within a specified time.  
3. When you decide to go ahead with EuroSmart Intelligent heating control, our design team will consider every aspect of your home and heating system.  If you have underfloor or radiators, geothermal or gas, EuroSmart will design a system specific to your requirements.  

EuroSmart have a team of fully trained engineers to guide the installation of your heating controls system. Your electrician installs the control system according to a clear set of instruction diagrams. It's simple.

Our technical team are on hand to assist with any queries from you or your electrician. Install time is very short. A single cable is used to wire all smart sensors and smart box. Messages are sent from the smart sensors to the smart box and back again, no power is required at the sensors so the system is completely safe.


EuroSmart provide a service contract to customers ensuring that your system operates to its maximum efficiency in turn providing you with maximum savings. Due to a full simulation of the heating controls before dispatch, EuroSmart provides a full back up service so every installation is 100% successful. Your comfort is our priority.