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EuroSmart commercial is a fully extendable heating control system beginning with a basic 32 heating zones and extending to control hundreds of zones according to the scale of the project.

This system can link to a remote PC and offer centralised control with independent local work stations accessible in their individual areas.
EuroSmart intelligent heating controls offers commercial control at three different levels:
1. In room interface with end user (nursing home, hotel, hospital) for temperature adjustment
2. Local access via nurse’s station or hotel reception
3. Complete control via administration office PC

In room temperature control adjustable within a preset limit band:
Example 1: Patient’s room set at 20 degrees, visitor increases temperature to 26, hi limit band stops at 22 degrees.  No effect outside 22 degrees

Example 2: Patient’s room set at 20 degrees, visitor decreases set point to 15 degrees, lo limit band set at 19 degrees.  No effect below 19 degrees. Limit bands are adjustable at the PC in the administration office. 

This function will protect the patient from overheating or adverse cooling by applying standard health regulation settings as limitations. EuroSmart systems uses identified addressing of sensor location making it easy for everybody to use the system.

The EuroSmart simulation packages tests the systems functionality prior to installation ensuring that the system is operational in the shortest possible time frame, and to your exact specification.
Battery back-up saves all programmes during power down time.

Each EuroSmart system is supplied with a complete set of installation diagrams to assist the electrician for first and second fixings. Each system is commissioned by a fully trained EuroSmart commissioning engineer and a complete set of easy to follow user manuals are provided along with an continuous service and customer support.   

EuroSmart’s energy saver function allows the system to use energy sources available, maximising efficiency. 

Example: where a building is using a geothermal system as the primary heat source, EuroSmart will prompt the underfloor heating to load its neighbouring floor mass when energy costs are low (night saver) to the maximum point without affecting the room temperature, significantly reducing high tariff running time. 

Room smart sensors will self learn the heating properties or thermal characteristics of the room and adjust itself so maximum efficiency is achieved with the minimum energy input, this feature is proven to reduce running costs by up to 55% when using underfloor heating.  EuroSmart automatically optimises on the start and stop time to eject heat and deliver the exact set point within the specified time frame. 

EuroSmart intelligence has revolutionised the way heating is controlled in commercial properties creating the perfect environmental conditions in each room. 
One smart sensor controls heating and cooling while timing and all the necessary mechanical devices are communicated through the smart network ensuring the required response. 

EuroSmart can prioritise various heat sources in the same system to use the most efficient source at any given time. EuroSmart continually monitors the external and internal temperatures, allowing a quick response to changing weather conditions preventing any internal temperature change. 

Each EuroSmart system is designed for individual projects based on the mechanical systems in which it is controlling, the level of control required, and the level of individuality i.e. zone names.